Gearing Up

I’m in the home stretch, everybody! By 9:30 tomorrow morning, I will be done with the semester and ready to pack myself up and head home on Saturday!

This morning I was up early, at 6:30, because I wanted to go to sleep early tonight since I have a 7:30 a.m. final tomorrow! It’s SO early.

I watched last night’s Modern Family on Hulu when I got up to make it a little more bearable, and then I had some breakfast:

bagelBagel! Our floor government bought bagels for the floor as part of “finals food” with the floor funds. I had a poppy seed bagel and cream cheese.

coffeeWhat’s that? Coffee? Yes, but it’s decaf. I’m going strong off caffeine! But I think I may have a cup of coffee tomorrow morning because this decaf “Donut Shop” coffee is not as good as my flavored coffee!

breakfastThe sun was just starting to come out when I was eating breakfast:

treeI realized pretty quickly that my breakfast was not quite satisfying enough. I needed some protein! So I had some yogurt with honey:

yogurtAfter breakfast, I had to be “on-call” in the main lounge and wait for students who are moving out of their rooms at semester so I could check them out. We were on a rotation all day today and tomorrow to check students out of their rooms. I spent most of my two-hour shift getting really frustrated with the Internet and being BORED out of my mind. I only checked out one student. FINALLY it was over.

And then I got to work on grading my Freshman Interest Group class! I taught a class of 15 freshmen the basics of journalism this semester as part of my Res Life job, and I needed to grade their assignments. I put it off all week but finally got to it.

I took a break for lunch at noon and met up with my co-facilitator for my FIG class. She is a strategic communications professor in the School of Journalism and has been a wonderful co-fac throughout the semester! She’s helped me a lot in planning and teaching the class. It was nice to see her one last time before break.

After lunch I played around a bit before heading out for a run! The weather was really nice (57 degrees when I went out) and I ran a really strong three miles! 26:08 and feeling great!

After my run and a quick shower, it was snack time.

snackHoney Nut Chex and some watered-down Gatorade. I think drinking extra water and eating a snack helped curb some post-run nausea. I may have been a little dehydrated yesterday, so I’m going to be more careful about that.

I finished all of my FIG grading before dinner with Allen, and tonight I have a date with my music theory textbook. I’m planning on going to bed early and JUMP out of bed tomorrow morning for my LAST FINAL!


Two more sleeps and then I’m headed home 😀


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