Tea and Cookies

Today was Day 2 of “caffeine-free me” and I have to say it’s going pretty well. I am feeling a little more fatigued, but my eye twitch is pretty much all gone. I may go one more day without caffeine. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning.

This morning I was up on my own around 7:30. I felt good this morning, and had a yummy breakfast!

breakfast1I wanted sort of a taste of everything, so I put this lovely meal together.

yogurtYogurt with honey for protein.

applesSliced apple for crunch and fruit.

cerealHoney Nut Chex for carbohydrates.

silkAnd Silk Very Vanilla because it tastes like a milkshake!

It was a yummy breakfast but I was STUFFED by the end.

I had my jury today! It went pretty well. I played two pieces, an etude and a scale (ugh.) and only made a few mistakes. There was a trill I hit incorrectly that I wish I could take back, but other than that I’m pretty happy.

After my jury I had lunch with one of my writers from The Maneater, Sara! It was nice catching up and even nicer when she gave me a gift! She is so sweet.

cookies1Homemade cookies!


cookies3Chocolate chip

cookies2And gingerbread! I was SO excited when I saw these. When I was watching Parenthood last night, there were gingerbread cookies in the episode and I immediately was craving them. It was perfect timing.

After lunch, I took a short nap because I was really tired and wanted to be able to run today. Then I got ready to go for a run. I’ve been putting off running because it’s been kind of an added stressor these last few days, but today I was determined to make it a stress-relieving run instead.

I had a gingerbread cookie before I left because duh.

I covered four miles today and it felt great! The first two miles I just kind of went along at my own pace, but the last two miles I picked it up and finished really strong, at 38:16. All in all a successful run.

After my run I came back to my room and ate a chocolate chip cookie, which was also yummy but not as delicious as the gingerbread because that’s still all I can think about. I took a shower and when I got out my stomach was kind of “meh.” My hard run had caught up with me, I suppose.

Stomach-settling snack attempt:




teaTea! Decaf green tea. Although this isn’t as amazing as my favorite Earl Grey Green, it was still yummy! Has a hint of citrus that’s really tasty. I’ve had three cups since my run and may have one more tonight…so I guess I like it enough!

Tonight I am going over to Allen’s to watch Criminal Minds. I will probably bring cookies because I want to eat some! I’m also getting hungry since I didn’t eat much at dinner, so I may make myself something a little more substantial before I dig into my cookie stash. Have a good night!


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