Five Sleeps Left…

…Until I’m home! Today I did a whole ‘lot of nothing, which probably wasn’t the best thing I could’ve done, but it happened.

I was up at 7 because I needed to run.

toastToast with honey. Sorry for being so predictable but I stick with what works!

coffeeCoffee with too much milk because I poured too quickly.

breakfastFor some reason I was really anxious all morning, especially before my run. I wasn’t hungry at all. My eye has also been twitching ALL day. According to my Internet self-diagnosis, the possible causes are either stress, fatigue or too much caffeine. Not sure which one is me, but I probably fall under each of the three categories!

I ran 3 miles today, and it was FRIGID. I was so cold when I was done. I’d call this my first official winter run of the year.

bananaPost-run banana, plus another cup of coffee because I didn’t finish the first one.

After my run I had my semester evaluation with my hall coordinator. I think it was making me nervous, even though I expected it to go well (it did.)

After my evaluation, I took a nap, hoping it would help my eye. It didn’t and left me pretty drowsy.

I had lunch with one of my staff members, Dylan, and we had a nice long chat. It was a good way to spend my afternoon. I was supposed to rehearse with my accompanist for my jury this afternoon but we couldn’t find a practice room in the Fine Arts Building. Too many juries! We had to reschedule for tomorrow evening.

I tried to do a bit of studying in the library but it didn’t really work. I don’t know where my head is today! (Actually, I do. It’s at home dreaming of sugar plums dancing.)

After “studying” I got some coffee and a snack at Starbucks. I couldn’t resist this:

breadPumpkin bread! I know better than to eat baked goods from Starbucks because they’re not that good, but I got this anyways. I ate half and then was done with it.

I had dinner with Hillary tonight and then did some cleaning up of my room. Tonight I’m on-call and I’m hoping to get a little studying done for my poli sci final tomorrow.

Gingerbread tea to get me through:

teaFive more sleeps!



2 thoughts on “Five Sleeps Left…

  1. Running in the brutal cold is so difficult! But once I get moving after a mile, I love it. I actually prefer winter running over summer running, but getting that motivation sometimes is difficult. On a side note, that tea looks so good!

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