Getting Stuff Done

Happy Saturday! Today was a lot better than yesterday.

I was up on my own around 8:30, and it felt good. I wasn’t tired like I was yesterday when I forced myself out of bed. I spent my morning watching Food Network and doing laundry.




toastToast with butter and honey (I’m into this sweet stuff lately)

bananasPlain yogurt, banana and chia.

coffeeCoffee. French toast two days in a row!

breakfast2After my laundry, I wasn’t sure what to do. I knew I needed to do some cross-training today as well as study, so I decided to (of course) delay my studying and head to the gym.

I went swimming today! I’ve wanted to go all semester but I’m really intimidated by the pool and more experienced swimmers. Today I faced my fears and went on the perfect afternoon. There were plenty of empty lanes so I didn’t have to navigate sharing, and I spent 30 minutes in the water alternating between different strokes. It was a really nice workout! I have to go back…possibly next Friday?

After my swim I got a quick lunch. I got a quesadilla and smoothie from Baja Grill because I needed something fast and the little market I planned to go to was closed 😦

lunch2A lot of people say Baja is really gross, but I think it’s only gross if you order the wrong thing and eat there too much. There is a lot of heavy food on the menu, so I don’t go there too much, and when I do, I usually get a black bean quesadilla like I did today.



smoothieStrawberry-banana smoothie. I drank about half.

After lunch and a shower, I took a short nap and then did some more studying.

deskGot myself all set up.


snackPopcorn. Usually I only do the air-popped stuff but I got this from my secret santa yesterday and I couldn’t resist! I ate about half of the bag.

Tonight I have dinner with Allen planned and then a Maneater holiday party! I got a gift for my Orgs daughter Cassa and I’m really excited to give it to her.

A week from today I’ll be home!

What is your go-to “cross-training?”


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