Reading Day, minus the reading…

Today I did a whole ‘lot of nothing. But it was ok, because I really think that’s what I needed.

I was up with my alarm at 8, but I was not feeling well, and ended up going back to sleep. When I got up again, the world was pretty dreary:

outsideI knew I wanted to run before lunch, so I ate a light breakfast:



toastToast with butter and honey, plus a banana.


breakfast1I finally got going and went to run around noon. It was a very quiet run, except for my headphones. I only saw one other runner the whole time I was out on the trail.

I ran four miles in 37:26, so quite a bit speedier than I had been. I think my time off really helped me!

I took a quick shower and then had some lunch.



PBPeanut butter and honey sandwich

yogurtPlain yogurt, honey and chia.

teaEarl Grey Green tea and an apple.


Allen and I went shopping for some Christmas gifts I needed to get for some parties this weekend. I got everything I was looking for!

We had our floor holiday party tonight. A lot of people participated in a secret santa gift exchange, which was really fun.




kalenMy floor partner, Kalen.

residents2Some of my residents.



mitchAnd our floor president, Mitch. He planned the whole party and did a really great job.

We had pizza and cookie decorating! I had two sugar cookies with cream cheese icing and sprinkles:


So I didn’t get done a lot of the things on my to-do list, but tomorrow is a new day. I’m planning to study for poli sci, do some cross-training (hopefully swimming!) and some grading for my FIG. A week from now I’ll be packing up my stuff, ready to head home in the morning. CAN’T. WAIT.


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