Catching Up

Today was my last official day of classes, and I couldn’t be more happy. Unfortunately I have quite a bit of things to get done in the next week. I can’t wait to go home!

I was up at my 7 for a simple breakfast:



bananaYogurt, banana and chia

toastWhole-grain toast

coffeeEggnog coffee! So yummy.

I had my music theory at 10 and it was pretty painless. We just went over our quizzes, which he ended up sort of curving so I got a higher grade than I probably deserved. But I’m not complaining! I’ll just need to study a bit for the final.

I had lunch with Allen at the dining hall. They had peppermint ice cream and it was a brand new container and I was the first person to scoop it! It’s the little things…

Symphonic Band was LOOOONG today. We were playing arrangements by students in the band arranging class, and some of them were not so great. Others were really hard! And the director was not very nice. I could’ve done without that class today.

After that Allen took me to get my car! So glad it’s fixed. The place I got it fixed did a great job and they were really friendly. And now I have a new battery so I don’t have to worry about it.

When I got back, I was quite hungry, so I had a quick snack.

cerealCereal mix of bran flakes (all gone!) and cinnamon “Life.” Some watered-down Gatorade in the back. I’m pretty much out of cereal so I’ll need to buy a box this weekend to get me through the week. Also I only have one banana left! I need to go to the store.

I had a long flute lesson today because I was rehearsing with my accompanist for my jury next week. In the School of Music students are required to perform some pieces they’ve been working on throughout the semester. It’s sort of like a “performance final.” I’m feeling pretty good about my pieces, but I could use a bit more practice before Wednesday.

After lessons I came back to my room and found PACKAGE in my mailbox. Hannah’s mom sent me a little finals gift!

presentsHot chocolate, peppermint bark (in the bag), candy canes, cocoa almonds and festive socks! Thanks so much Mother Nature.

The almonds were consumed upon arrival. The socks will be worn tonight.

Tonight we had flute studio at Shakespeare’s Pizza! It was really fun to get to hang out with some of my flute friends outside of class.

teaIced tea to drink.

pizza1Green pepper and mushroom

veggieI had two slices of this one.

cheeseAnd two slices of cheese.

fluteFlute friends! Mary Beth and Jenna.

It was a fun night. Later on I have a floor meeting, and then I’m going to hang out with Allen for a bit. Tomorrow brings running, FIG grading, studying and some shopping.


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