Running Around

Today has been really busy, and it’s not over yet! I was up at 6:30 for my LAST multimedia lab of the semester. This is the first class I can officially say I’ve “completed,” so that feels pretty great.

Breakfast was simple because I wasn’t that hungry:

breakfast1Cereal and coffee. Easy.

cerealMix of bran flakes and cinnamon “Life.” Vanilla soymilk was poured over.
coffee1Coffee on the side. Eggnog today. I needed it. I was up too late and was very sleepy.

I had multimedia, and then a break during which I worked on my poli sci paper. Then I had music theory. We had a quiz, and it was ok, but I’ll need to study a bit before the final. Luckily it’s not until next Friday!

After theory I had lunch with Allen, which was really good! They had rice and beans AND peppermint ice cream. Yummy!

I had Sym Band today, which was pretty good because we mostly did run-throughs since our concert is tonight. We got out a little early and I went back to my room and got ready to run.

I did NOT want to run today, but I did it anyways. I was supposed to do 3.5 miles, but I knew I’d only have time for 3, so I set out. My legs were like “ugh” but my mind was like “just get it over with,” so that’s what I did. 26:19, to be exact.

I came back and was FAMISHED. I quickly made a snack of yogurt, honey and chia.


coffee2Served with more coffee, this time Donut Shop Coconut Mocha!

snack2After my snack and photo editing, I made myself some dinner to eat during staff meeting since I knew I wouldn’t have time to eat dinner before my concert otherwise.

dinnerPeanut butter and banana plus an apple.

bananaTook me longer to edit these photos and upload them than to make this sandwich.



Tonight I’ve got staff meeting and then my band concert at 7! I’m looking forward to it. We’ve got some really great pieces ready to play, including my favorite, Noisy Wheels of Joy. Check this version out on YouTube here:

And, if it’s Tuesday, that means Parenthood! Hoping to get back in time to watch it 😀


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