Simple Sunday

Today was a pretty easy day, and not because I blew off a bunch of my work but because there just isn’t that much going on!

I got up around 8 and had a little breakfast before heading out on my run. Peanut butter toast and a banana plus a glass of water.

I headed out to the trail today for a 4-miler and the weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It’s December, but it felt like May. I was running in shorts and a tank and I can’t say I complained. Now talk to me on Christmas if it’s still this warm and I will be upset.

My run was pretty good, but I did get some side cramps. I thought drinking the full glass of water would help get rid of cramps but I guess it didn’t work!

I got to test out my Road ID that came in the mail yesterday. I thought it was pretty snazzy:

shoe1It’s just a little strap on my shoe with a metal piece with some contact info in case I ever get hurt while running. My mom bought it because she is worried about me running on my own.

We also picked out the Road ID pouch, which fits my ID so when I run on campus I don’t have to hold it.


shoe3It seems a little bulky but I’m sure I won’t even notice it on my shoe.

shoe4After my run, stretching and a shower, Allen and I went to do a little Christmas shopping! I looked at some things yesterday and there was something I saw for my brother that I couldn’t NOT get, so we went back today and I bought it. Crossing off the gift list!

Then we went to lunch at B&B Bagel. It’s one of my favorite places in Columbia! We go almost every Sunday.

lunch1I got two bagels: a “vegetarian sandwich” on a honey wheat bagel and a pumpkin bagel with honey walnut cream cheese on the side.

bagel1The veggie sandwich is one of my favorites! It’s got an herb-y cream cheese and lots of veggies. It’s pretty messy though. It kind of slips and slides around as you eat it.

bagel2The pumpkin bagel is also really yummy! I got the cream cheese on the side instead of having them put it on for me because they usually add WAY too much. This was much better.

lunch2My favorite Sunday lunch!

After bagels, I watched some football. The Colts had an AWESOME game against the Lions today and I was really lucky it was on in Columbia. In case you didn’t know, I am an Indianapolis Colts fan, for not particular reason other than they were on TV a lot when I started to get into football. Andrew Luck really gave us a great finish today. So exciting!

Some popcorn for a snack:

popcornAir-popped is the way to go! This awesome popping bowl makes it really easy to do in the microwave.

I finished my fitness log for my Intro to Exercise and Fitness class, and goofed around a bit before Allen came up for dinner.

I am currently watching Once Upon a Time and eagerly awaiting Next Iron Chef. Sundays are some of the best days!



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