Refreshing Times

Today, I did a whole lot of nothing. And that’s just fine, because I really don’t have that much to do.

I slept in, and it was wonderful. Breakfast was a nice yogurt-and-cereal bowl



Plain yogurt, a not-ripe-enough banana, chia, Cinnamon “Life” and bran flakes.



teaLemon Zinger on the side.

breakfastAfter breakfast, I did some yoga. I had a 60 min. cross-training session on the schedule, and I was going to go swim at the Rec, but the pool was closed for a meet, so I did yoga in my room instead.

I downloaded “Yoga for Runners” from YogaDownload. It was HARD! I was really tired by the end.

I took a quick shower and then went to lunch with Allen at the dining hall.

We had a really bad experience today! On Saturdays, one of the dining halls serves “brunch” from 10:30-2, and I was excited for pancakes, but because it was so busy the were only “allowed” to serve one pancake per person. And the line was really long so I didn’t want to stand in line again. I was very frustrated. And then they were out of coffee, orange juice and Gatorade. Sometimes campus dining is convenient but sometimes I miss having my own kitchen.

After lunch, Allen and I hung out and watched some football. I took a nap, which was very nice. And then we went Christmas shopping! I only bought one thing but I got some ideas for other people. Hoping to order some gifts online soon.

Dinner was purchased at HyVee again because I needed yogurt and wanted sushi.

sushi1I got a vegetable roll and spicy tuna.

veggieThe veggie roll had carrots, avocado and cucumber.

tunaSpicy tuna is my favorite kind of sushi! This was not the best I’ve ever had. I miss the sushi restaurant in Maryland Heights. It’s really cheap but very tasty.

sushi2Eaten with chopsticks.

chopsticksMy mom bought me these when she and Ryan were in Hawaii with the marching band this summer. They say “Refreshing Times” on them…not really sure why!

I had some Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride after dinner:

tea2In my NPR mug!

NPRAnd some of the frozen yogurt Allen and I bought yesterday.

yogurtThis stuff was on sale, which was really the only reason we bought it, but it turned out to be really good!

allen1Allen scooped because I’m not very good at it. Except he called it “dipping ice cream,” whatever that means.

allen2I made him smile for this picture.

ice creamMoose Tracks is such a good flavor. Mostly because of the mini peanut butter cups. I always save them for the end. This bowl had five!

Tonight I think we are going to watch some Boy Meets World. I love that show. We left The West Wing DVDs in St. Louis, and I’m kind of sad. Can’t wait for break!


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