Almost the Weekend

This week has crawled by. I can’t believe it’s still Thursday. I feel like I’ve been staring at a clock while the second hand ticks by.

I was up early this morning planning to get some work done on my political science paper and go to office hours with my TA.

Breakfast was this awesome mix:

Cereal with yogurt, banana and chia. So yummy!

I used a mixture of HyVee cinnamon “Life” and bran flakes.

Gingerbread coffee. I bought a holiday K-cup mix with “spicy eggnog,” “golden french toast,” and gingerbread flavors. The gingerbread is a bit too spicy for me, but I try to drink it sometimes.

After some Today Show watching, I got an email from my TA canceling office hours. So I spent my morning doing nothing. Oh well!

I DID make my bed. It always makes my room seem so much nicer:

I love this bedspread! And my little nook by the window 🙂

I had lunch with Allen at the dining hall. It was not very good: watery chicken alfredo and overcooked broccoli. But there was yummy cake!

After that I had band, which was pretty good. One of our pieces is really hard because it has a lot of tricky entrances, and it makes me really nervous because I always think I’m going to come in at the wrong place.

I had a pretty good flute lesson after that, and then I had a little time to myself before I had to head to The Maneater for production.

I had a snack:

Toast! My favorite.

One with Laughing Cow cheese

And one with butter.

Pumpkin spice coffee was pretty good!

My dinner is pretty good tonight, but these photos are boring:

I made a peanut butter and honey sandwich today because I’m all out of bananas! Breakfast is going to be bleak tomorrow. And a red pepper hummus sandwich and an apple.

Buttery toffee pecans for dessert!

Playing with the camera.

I’m trying to find more interesting pictures to take of my dorm food! Any suggestions?


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