Midweek Energizer

For a Wednesday, today has been pretty darn good. I’m just going to keep moving forward and get myself to break. I can do it!

This morning was pretty chill. I made an easy breakfast because I didn’t feel like making anything too complicated:

Peanut butter toast with honey and a banana.

Because I use the Whole Foods peanut butter without any sugar, I like to add honey to my peanut butter toast.

Mr. Bear gets a workout.


French toast coffee


Breakfast was served with last night’s Parenthood. It was a good episode, as usual. Everyone go watch Parenthood!

After breakfast, I had class from 10-1. It was a pretty boring three classes. I’m ready to just get finals over with!

Lunch with Allen, then I did some work on my multimedia project before heading out to run.

My run was a 30 minute tempo run. Since my 5k was 25:39, I’m running my tempos at 8:30/mile. So today I did 1.75 miles out-and-back on the trail. I finished in 29:56, so right on target! Because I don’t have a Garmin (someday!) I don’t know what my pace was each mile, but I felt like I kept things pretty consistent.

After my run, I did a short cool down walk and then went back to my room to stretch.

Half-strength (maybe less) Gatorade.

I took a nice long shower this afternoon. Sometimes after my run, I just want to get in and out, but other times I like to relax in the hot water. Usually the decision is made for me by the temperature of the water on that given day! It’s so¬†temperamental. Today it was warm enough for a longer shower.

I broke out the good lotion today:

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey. I die.

I had dinner with Dylan and then we had an event for our learning community. We brought in some graduate students to talk about their experiences. They were really good! I learned a lot about graduate school. Very interesting.

Right now we are having a holiday contest in our building between the floors. Each day this week there is a different competition and the floor with the most points at the end of the week wins a holiday party. My floor is doing an awesome job, and made this beautiful bulletin board last night:

3D Christmas Tree!

Glitter-y presents!

Go 7th Floor!

Tonight I am finishing up my multimedia project and watching Criminal Minds and Nashville. Getting really excited for the weekend…it couldn’t come soon enough.


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