Back to the Grind

Mondays aren’t usually this hard for me, but today I was not ready to get back to school. I need winter break NOW. Seriously.

Early morning wake-up started with a shower and some pumpkin oats:

Normal microwave banana oats with about 1/3 cup canned pumpkin stirred in, plus pumpkin pie spice and agave. Forgot to add chia though!

Served with a view:

French toast coffee with skim milk and sugar

My breakfast was yummy, but then my stomach started hurting really badly. I’ve gotten bad stomach cramps a few times before this semester, but these were by far the worst. I couldn’t even stand up straight! I took a nap and it helped. I made it to my fitness class for our quiz.

After fitness, I stopped by the dining hall and picked up lunch. The line was pretty long, so I opted for a light lunch so I didn’t have to wait.

Salad and a baked potato with cheese and sour cream.

Spinach, romaine, cherry tomatos and mushrooms dressed with olive oil and lemon juice from the salad bar and agave from my room.

Tater. Love baked potatoes!

I munched on this and then hung out a bit before making the long trek across campus to my journalism class. I packed up dinner before I left because I’m at The Maneater all night for production:

Whole Foods peanut butter and banana sandwich on wheat bread plus an apple.

Seeds from home:

I will likely make more of these when I get home for winter break.

And the last pumpkin whoopie pie that I brought from home. So excited for this guy.

Counting down to the end of the semester. Really, I just need to make it through next Wednesday. I can do it!

What are you counting down to right now? 


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