Movies Part II

I went to see another movie today. I went with my mom and Allen to see Lincoln. It was awesome! I definitely recommend it to any history buffs or political junkies. I hope it gets some Oscar buzz because it deserves it.

I armed myself with snacks:

Peanut butter and honey sandwich, sourdough pretzel bites and an assortment of cookies. I ate about half of the pretzels, a few bites of the sandwich and a cookie. I guess I was less hungry than I expected.

After the movie, we went to dinner at Houlihan’s. It was pretty good, but our service wasn’t great. My water never got refilled and I was thirsty.

I started with this tuscan white bean salad:

It was pretty good, but served cold, and I had expected it to be warm. That was sort of disappointing.

Then I had a wild mushroom and arugula flatbread:

It was really good! Just the flavors I wanted.

It was topped with a vinaigrette that was really yummy. Hit the spot!

We ordered a dessert but I forgot to take a picture! We got the “s’mores fondue crock” which sounded really good but wasn’t that exciting. The fondue was barely above room temperature and it was served with three really cold strawberries and some graham cracker cookies that were coated in sugar, making them too sweet for the dip. I probably wouldn’t order that again.

Tonight is Parenthood and maybe another West Wing. Tomorrow I’m cooking some stuff for Thanksgiving. Getting excited!



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