A Good Run with Good Friends

This morning I slept in, and it was AWESOME. I had some crazy dreams, though! They seemed pretty real.

For breakfast, I’d been craving a fruit smoothie even though it’s pretty cold in my house. So I satisfied my craving this morning:

I made a strawberry-mango smoothie. It was yummy!

Started with some frozen strawberries and mango:

Then I added some skim milk, plain yogurt and half of a ripe banana.

Blended up and poured into a glass:

Since the smoothie was cold, I brewed up some Earl Grey Lavender tea.


Served with milk and sugar in my music mug:

Dad left these out on the counter, and it can only mean one thing: Thanksgiving is getting close!

Can’t wait 🙂

After breakfast, I went to the park to meet up with some friends for a run!

Creve Coeur Park is what I’d consider my “home” park. I’ve been running here since high school, when we would come here at least twice a week for cross country practice. It was nice to be back after a long time away.

There are tons of trails and paths at Creve Coeur, but today we ran the lake loop, which is 3.7 miles around the lake. Such pretty views!

I met up with Melissa and Geri for our run. We ran cross country together in high school, and still get together to run. Since we don’t go to the same school, we don’t get to run together except on breaks.

They were ready to run! We were missing Hannah though, the fourth member of our running crew. Hopefully we’ll all get to run together over winter break.

Our run was good, but it was hard. We ran most of the way around the lake, and took a much-needed walking break toward the end. We ran it in though!

This is where we ended our loop, coming out of the woods.

After our run, we got lunch at St. Louis Bread Company. You might know it as Panera Bread, but anyone who knows anything knows it’s really called Bread Co.

I got the “You Pick 2” with a cup of tomato soup and half of a turkey sandwich.

This soup warmed me right up.

And you can’t go to Bread Co. and not eat the bread. Yummy!

We all got iced green teas with our meal. The perfect post-run beverage:

I’m headed to the library to pick up a book I requested, and then I’m going to get a haircut. This evening I am going to see Lincoln with my mom and Allen. Looking forward to it! 




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