Movies and Munchies

Hey all! I hope you’re having a good Monday, even if you’re not lucky enough to be off work/school like I am.

I spent my Monday morning by crawling out of bed at 6 a.m. and going running…which I ended up kind of regretting but I did anyways. I ate a banana and a gummy worm and went out for a 2.5-mile hard run, and hard it was! It’s way more hilly at home than it is in Columbia, and I was feeling it! After 2.5 I walked a bit and then jogged in a cool down back home.

Once I got back, I pour some of this homemade sports drink! It was pretty good:

It’s just orange juice, lemon juice, sugar, salt and water mixed together. Since I’m not a fan of full-strength Gatorade, I found this to be a good alternative to regular sports drinks.

After this, I made a quick breakfast:

Whipped banana oats (on the STOVETOP) topped with peanut butter and jelly, with a side of coffee.

I wanted to make a hearty breakfast because I was going to an early movie and I didn’t want to get hungry. This definitely did the trick!

After breakfast, I got ready to go to the movies with Allen. We went to see Skyfall at 10:10 a.m.

I am a HUGE fan of early movies because they are usually cheaper and pretty empty, which means you can sit wherever you want and put your feet on the seat in front of you.

I brought some snacks to the movies:

Walnuts and dried cranberries

Some sesame crackers I found in the pantry that were just okay.

Packed up and stuffed in my purse.

The movie was great, and kept my interest the whole time, which is really rare for James Bond movies. After the movie Allen and I went home and made some lunch.

I had leftovers from last night’s dinner: beans and greens soup, bread (one for dipping and one with butter) and club soda with lemon. It hit the spot!

Having a great afternoon!

After lunch, Allen and I watched a bit of The West Wing and then went to the mall to take my computer to the Apple store. Last week it said “service battery” and wouldn’t hold a charge but of course it was on its best behavior at the Apple store and performed quite well. *sigh* at least I didn’t have to replace it.

Dinner tonight was salmon cakes, cheesy couscous and salad.

I mixed some salmon from a pouch with some seasonings:

Plus some yogurt and mayo. Formed the mixture into patties and put them under the broiler for about 18 minutes.

While they cooked, I mixed up a yogurt-mayo sauce seasoned with lemon zest, lemon juice and dried dill.

And I made my favorite salad dressing!

Olive oil, lemon juice, agave nectar and salt. Perfect! Tastes like lemonade 🙂

Played around in the kitchen while I waited for dinner to cook:

Dad came home!

I made tea.

Allen took this very flattering picture of me.

And then they cakes were done!

Perfectly golden brown. Although I must admit that I was a little heavy-handed with the Old Bay and salt. I will be more careful next time!

Not sure what I’m going to do tonight. Maybe Allen and I will watch more West Wing? Or football? Just relaxing this Thanksgiving break!


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