A Day for Celebration!

I’m finally FREE! Thanksgiving Break has begun. I will be home in less than two days, and I couldn’t be happier.

This morning was slow, because I was up at 7 a.m. and didn’t have class until 10. I didn’t feel like making anything special for breakfast, so I just threw this together:

Yogurt with banana and chia plus two slices of whole-grain toast. One with buttah and one with jam. Yum!

Coffee and sunshine:

I turned in my political science paper and had my FIG class and that was that! My break had started. I spent my afternoon doing pretty much nothing…there was lunch:

Tons of veggies! Pasta with edamame and peas, butternut squash and lemon tilapia! Oh and that cookie I tried to hide made it into my mouth too.

Look at that beautiful squash! It was really good.


Berry-flavored La Croix. It was very refreshing.

After lunch, I did some reading. This came in at the library today and I was really excited!

I read, and fooled around, and then it was dinner time! Dinner was really disappointing, actually. Only two of the dining halls are open because of break, and it was not a good selection today.

I had a sandwich:

Turkey, swiss, tomatos and lettuce. Not too exciting.

I also had the top of a sesame bagel with some cream cheese. And then I had this cupcake because it’s BREAK!

Allen and I are going to the basketball game tonight. Should be fun! I’ll post pictures tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving Break!

All ready for some Mizzou basketball!


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