Highs and Lows

Today was a day filled with ups and downs. When I’m at home, my mom makes us do this thing at dinner called “high-lows” where we say the best and worst parts of our days. Right now, I’m feeling good, so I guess I had more highs than lows.

Overnight oats to start the day!

Last night, I was about to go to sleep, but I couldn’t stop thinking about overnight oats. I just HAD to have them! So I finally jumped out of bed and whipped up a batch before actually going to sleep.

Overnight Oats



  • 1/3 cup rolled oats (not quick-cooking!)
  • 1/3 cup plain yogurt
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 1 small banana
  • Mix-ins! I used frozen berries today.

Add all the ingredients to a small mason jar or a container with a lid. Shake to mix. If the mixture seems a bit thick, add some more milk. Remember, it will thicken over night as the oats absorb the liquid. I tend to add more milk.

Refrigerate overnight.

Open the next morning and enjoy!


I enjoyed my oats with a cup of coffee, but I didn’t have time to finish it because I was dawdling this morning. Oh well. I got to class on time.

After multimedia, I had a short break before music theory, and I worked on my paper for my political research class. We are doing data analysis and I am hopelessly lost and not motivated with break on the horizon. This was a low.

Luckily, my next class came quickly.

I am currently taking a “remedial” music theory course because I didn’t score very high on the placement test. I enrolled thinking I would be a music minor, but I’ve since dropped it because it’s too many classes to fit in before I graduate. So, music theory is really just a silly little distraction. The class itself is really easy, and my professor takes it too slowly for me. Today I was SUPER bored. This was a low.

I had lunch with Allen in the dining hall after theory. I had beans and rice, a chicken enchilada, grapes and PEPPERMINT ICE CREAM:


It had bits of peppermint candy in it. YUM! This was a high.

After lunch, I headed to band. Rehearsal was long and by the end I was almost falling asleep in my chair! Not sure why I get these really bad energy swings in the afternoons. I thought it was just a normal lull, but after my run last Friday, I think it might be a blood sugar or hydration thing.

So, before my run, I had a gummy worm (ok, TWO gummy worms) and drank plenty of water. I don’t know if it worked but I felt good after my run! Yay!

I ran 3 miles in 28:20, which is a lot better than I expected. I went out feeling pretty slow, and my legs were really heavy. I took 3 days off because I did my Saturday run on Friday and didn’t run Sunday because of the rain, and I haven’t done since I started my 5k training plan, so I figured I’d run a sloooow 3 miles.

I guess my slow pace is faster than I realized. Awesome! That was a high.

After my run, I stretched, drained my legs (put them up against a wall…feels good!) and took a quick shower. Then, I ate this banana:


This banana was not very ripe. Needs more brown, Dad!

At 5, I had staff meeting, which varies in length but can go up to two hours. Today, however, it only went 20 minutes! Awesome! That was a high since I needed to work on my paper.

I drove myself to Starbucks off campus to try to bang out this paper, and right when I pulled into the parking lot, I realized I forgot my wallet! I had to drive back to campus and get it. This was a low.

Today I decided to try a new drink! I usually get a Nonfat Caffe Misto (brewed coffee with steamed milk) but today I added two pumps of cararmel brullée syrup! It’s delicious!


I sat down with my delicious drink and then I got a WONDERFUL email from my political science TA saying our papers were extended until FRIDAY! Yay! That was the BEST high 😀

Working on some Res Life stuff, then over to Allen’s for a new Parenthood tonight! So excited. Dare I say, another high?

What were your high-lows today? Did you come out on top? 


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