Warm tea on a cold day

Happy Monday! Today started out earlier than had planned because Allen had to drop his car off at the shop. One of his windows won’t roll down :O

The weather got SUPER cold overnight, and I deemed it time to wear my winter hat!

Brrrr…it’s cold! And there was ice on my windshield!

So, I rolled out of bed at 6:30 in order to shower, have some coffee and watch some of the Today Show. I headed out around 8 to pick Allen up at the car place.

Then, we went to one of my favorite Columbia places: B&B Bagels! I got my standard everything bagel with salmon spread (smoked salmon mixed into cream cheese), and, for a change of pace, a pumpkin bagel with honey walnut cream cheese.

The bagels are always delicious, but sometimes B&B goes WAY too heavy on the cream cheese. By the end of breakfast, I was stuffed and feeling pretty icky.

Cue peppermint tea.

Candy Cane Lane with a side of friendship

I had two mugs of tea to settle my stomach before heading to class.

In my fitness class, we talked about childhood obesity and how the physical education guidelines in schools focus too much on fitness. I realize looking back how messed up that system is. When I was in middle school, students who passed their fitness tests were the ones who got to go on a special field trip, leaving the kids who needed help learning how to live active lives behind. What a backward system!

After class, I got lunch at the dining hall. I did takeout because I didn’t feel like eating in. Because of my huge breakfast, I thought a salad was in order for lunch!

The mix:

  • Spring mix
  • Cherry tomatos
  • Carrots
  • Dried cranberries
  • Peas
  • Hard boiled egg
  • Feta cheese
  • Lemon juice and olive oil + agave from my room

It was a pretty good salad, paired with some more Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride!

My mug got quite the workout today.

After lunch, I had my multimedia journalism lecture, where we talked about using a WordPress site! It was kind of cool, although I’m kind of getting the hang of things here.

After lecture, I headed to flute ensemble, where we were recording to send in an entry to perform at the National Flute Association Flute Convention in New Orleans, La. I really hope we’re selected because it would be so much fun to travel to New Orleans (plus I’ve never been!)

For dinner, I knew I’d be at The Maneater, so I packed myself a dinner because I’m tired of Student Center food.

Dinner was a tuna salad sandwich on wheat, a mason jar filled with generic Life and almonds, an apple and pita chips with hummus.

Editing in the office for a few more hours, then back to my room and hopefully to bed!


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