Election 2012: First-time voters

This morning, I got up at 6:45 a.m. to trek out to the Campus Lutheran Church to do my civic duty: vote in my very first election. The polling place was already busy with voters, many of whom were college students just like me, casting their vote in their first presidential election.


A polling location in Columbia, Mo. The Campus Lutheran Church was busy early Tuesday morning.

After casting my ballot, I caught up with several first-time voters and asked them why they came out to vote this morning.


MU student Ana Gutierrez waits for a friend after voting on Nov. 6. Gutierrez said she was excited to vote for the first time.

University of Missouri student Ana Gutierrez voted for the first time this morning.

“I felt it was really important to express my opinion on who I believe should be in the government,” she said.


MU students Parker Russell and Kalen Wagoner posed for a photo after voting on Nov. 6. The two walked from their residence hall early Tuesday morning to cast their votes.

Sophomore MU students Kalen Wagoner, left, and Parker Russell also voted early this morning. Wagoner said he voted to ensure some candidates were not elected.

“There are some people I really don’t want to see in elected office,” he said.

Russell said he wanted his vote to be a vote for change.

“I see that the world needs changing and the only way to change it politically is to vote,” he said.

I was all smiles after voting in my first election.


I voted today! Did you?


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