Missing History

Today is a historic day in college sports, and in Mizzou football history. As the Tigers enter their first foray into the Southeastern Conference, I will be staying in Hatch Residence Hall, making sure no one is doing anything wrong. Being a peer advisor is my job, and I can’t complain about doing it because I worked so hard to get hired in the first place.

When I took this on-call shift, I thought I wouldn’t be too upset. I missed the season opener against Southeastern Louisiana because it was raining, and that didn’t bother me one bit. I’ve never been very enamored with live-sporting events, which may make it hard to believe me when I tell you I am a BIG sports fan.

I watch almost every St. Louis Cardinals game during the season. I’ve cried over the Indianapolis Colts’ losses in the NFL playoffs. I sat in stunned silence when the Tigers went down in the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament last March.

But being there isn’t what’s important to me. In fact, I often prefer to have a chance to hear commentary and see the action up close like you can on television. Sitting on my comfortable couch seeing every play (and replay) instead of standing in a sea of people taller than me and missing plays is my idea of a great sports experience.

Note that I am 5’1.75” and my view is almost always blocked at Mizzou sporting events. 

But I can’t help but feel a little down knowing I’m missing one of the most exciting, hyped games in recent (or all of) MU football history. From reading The Maneater‘s preview of the game to watching College Gameday this morning on ESPN, everyone is talking about this moment in college football history.


Chris Freeman enters Faurot Field on Saturday, Sept. 1 before the season opener against Southeastern Louisiana. Photo courtesy of The Maneater

The noise. The black and gold. The fight song. The thousands of Georgia fans who made the trek to Columbia just for this matchup. All of these things tell me that I’m missing something special. Sure, 20 years from now, no one is going to define my fandom by whether or not I was at this game (I hope!) but tomorrow is going to be hard. Heck, tonight is going to be hard. But I’ll be cheering my loudest from Hatch Hall 7th floor, taking in the historic moment in the only way I can. 



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