The Power of a Photo

I was reading an article in the September issue of Women’s Health magazine that really made the think. The story was about a recent development on the Internet: people looking at photos of unhealthy and overly-caloric foods on websites such as Pinterest or Gawker.



Snickers cake from a Pinterest post

Known as “food porn,” this concept struck a chord with me. I know from experience looking at photos of food on the Interent can get me inspired to cook or dying to eat. The article cited statistics that said people who spend time looking at these over-the-top foods online tend to weigh more and have more trouble losing weight than those who do not.


Pumpkin pie fritters, fried and covered in powdered sugar

This summer, I became enamored with a food blog called Kath Eats Real Food. The “food porn” from KERF was mouthwatering, but there was something different about it: KERF is a healthy-food blog. The blogger blogs her meals three times a day, and eats incredible–but healthy–dishes. 


Beautiful meal from KERF: kale, oven-roasted sweet potatoes, hard-boiled eggs

As I began to read post after post, I found that I was inspired to cook these delicious dishes and suddenly vegetables sounded much more appealing. This makes me think the power of suggestion works for more than just unhealthy “food porn.” The same effect can be had from healthy foods, as long as the picture is pretty enough. 


Who WOULDN’T want to dive into that beautiful bowl of oatmeal?


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