Getting to know me

Listen to this song while reading this post, because it’s how I feel about introducing myself in this new platform of social media! 

I have maintained a Tumblr page  for about a year now, and I’ve enjoyed the anonymity that Tumblr offers. Post a link here, a video there. What did I have for lunch? was my theme over the summer. But no one really cares what you post on Tumblr. My own Tumblr feed is a mix of pictures of cozy homes and cute animals (The Fluffington Post makes my day.)

So now, I am launching my very own blog. Don’t think this is my first try: I’ve had several blogs throughout my life, including one I posted to quite frequently in seventh grade, chronicling the social nuances of middle school. But this isn’t like that. This is a blog I’m going to link to my Facebook page and Twitter account, and my professor is going to be reading it. I must say, it’s quite intimidating.

Now switch from “Getting to Know You” to “I Have Confidence.” Since Julie helped introduce us, she’ll also help you understand how I’m feeling about this new blog.

I’m supposed to have a theme or a “beat” for this blog, but honestly I can’t think of one. I am a woman of many interests: food, sports, music, journalism, tea, etc., etc. How could I possibly pick just one topic to write about with authority?


No, this blog is going to be about my developments as a journalist, student, musician, consumer of media and human being. Hopefully I’ll be able to throw in some useful links along the way.

I’ve always longed for adventure, to do the things I never did…now here I am facing adventure, then why am I so scared?

It is rather intimidating for me to start a blog that will be exclusively my thoughts on the topics I post about. It’s not like Tumblr where I can post a link to a video and say “This is cool.” This is a different platform: I’m going to need to provide not only the links but some sort of analysis about why it’s worth your time to check it out.

But, like Maria says, I am seeking the courage I lack. Maintaing a blog of (hopefully) quality content is a lot for me, but I think I can do it. This is something I want to be able to show off and say “Look, I can blog worthwhile content and people enjoy reading it!” So here goes nothing!

Today, I don’t have anything particularly newsworthy, so I’m just going to throw in this hilarious-yet-inspiring video I found in honor of  Julia Child’s 100th birthday, which would have been on August 15, 2012. I think she could have been a pop star:

My favorite part is at 1:59, so stick it out until then. 


One thought on “Getting to know me

  1. Wow, what an initial blog post. You might win the prize for creativity and effort. I look forward to watching you explore this “beat” over the semester. You’re off to a great start.

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